Why You Should Practice Manifestation (Even If You Don’t Believe In It.)

Spiritual Bullshit? Or The Best Way To Change Your Mind?

Keenan Eriksson
12 min readFeb 14


Have you ever heard of manifesting? If so, the word evokes feelings of excitement, wonder, and hope, or suspicion, annoyance, and distrust. Probably a mix of both.

Such is the nature of things that sound too good to be true. Personally, I’m an open minded guy. One too many acid trips and a fair bit of synchronicities in my life have been plenty for me to believe in true magic. Even so, I don’t respect snake oil salesmen or promoters of pipe dreams.

So what’s the deal with manifestation? On the surface, manifestation is the idea you can create, influence, or dictate reality using your thoughts. This is where the distrust comes in. “If I could magically think a million dollars into existence, I would.” So on and so forth.

Nevermind that many people actually have manifested winning lottery tickets, the point of this article isn’t to make you believe in miracles. Instead, I’m here to show you why this practice is the best thing you can do for your mind.

Whether or not manifestation can truly bend reality, shift us through the quantum realm, or create miracles, the practices by which it is performed are some of the most powerful ways to change your life for the better.

This is because manifestation techniques are fundamentally about designing a new identity.

Here’s what I mean: when you attempt to manifest, you are training yourself to be the kind of person who would experience the things you want to experience, and while the idea you can create miracles might not hit home with you, the practical neuroscience this “mind-tuning” is plenty to validate it.

What is Manifesting?

Before we dig in, let’s dive a bit deeper into what manifesting actually is. For my part, I practice manifesting using the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who has been developing his material for decades. In essence, manifesting is the premise that you can change reality by changing your mind.

Promoters of the idea often use words like “quantum shifting” or “energy fields” when attempting to explain it, but I…



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