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I’m burnt out man. I just got done with an argument with my girlfriend about something as small as how she complains about shitty drivers while I’m on the phone with her.

She’s amazing, by the way.

It’s just life sometimes. All in all things are really good. I did a workout yesterday. My heart palpitations are minor and ignorable. I am probably moving to a beautiful house soon, and some time this week I’m talking to my favorite functional medicine doctor about potential career opportunities.

But I’m burnt.

I realized it staring at this screen after writing some of the poorest, most disjointed and mediocre introductory sentences for my next health article.

Now is the time to sleep and stop, but I know I’ll probably watch TV way too late, not hit my daily writing requirement, and hit snooze way too many times on my alarm clock.

That’s just life. Even when it’s good, it often drags. And even when it’s bad, it will manage to surprise us with it’s peaks.

This is just a little piece to say, despite my burnout and exhaustion, I love this life. Despite chronic disease and the uncertainty it brings, I love this life. Despite the fact my worst days are probably ahead of me, I know my best days are too.

So I won’t try to advise you on anything with this piece other than to say, that’s just life.

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Founder: ISSA Certified Trainer, Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Biohacker, Perspectivist, Conscious Carnivore

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