What Does it Mean to be Human?

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hat does it mean to be human? Nothing, really. You get out there on a big enough scale, and it doesn’t mean much. Go in any direction of understanding, and you’ll find yourself looking back and seeing that there is no meaning for humanity, or for anything really, except that which we give ourselves.

There is no meaning without the thing giving the meaning. We are tied into it, but if not for us, then there would be no meaning for us.

Yet that implies that there is meaning. There is, don’t get me wrong, but it is not outside of Humanity. We don’t have meaning from the perspective of existence itself, or significance compared to the universe, or the vastness of space, or most of the mass of rock we live upon for that matter.

I guess it depends how you define meaning. We don’t have physical significance to any of those things. There are some things we do have much physical influence over, to be sure, and it is amazing how influential we are, but we are not so capable as to worry the moon or the stars or even the planet.

We could destroy the weather and maybe run the planet to total lifelessness, but at the end of the day, life only exists at a microscopic level upon the crust of a planet and that crust makes up for a hairline of mass of the whole great rock.

So in the end, 99 percent of the planet is not the life and ecosystem we exist with and worry about destroying.

And yet, here we are after all. And in ways, it almost seems noble. It takes so much chance and coincidence and energy for us life-forms to happen to exist upon the surface of a giant rock, and that’s just life.

Wholly different is life which understands itself, and is self-aware. (but what is awareness? Different article for that to be sure.)

The point is, while in many regards we are pointless, the argument of pointlessness is in and of itself to be criticized. We may seem pointless to the universe, but what universe would there really be without us?

I am not of the field of thought that the universe would simply not exist. No, I think the rocks would really be there, floating through the nothingness.

The real question would be, would the universe still exist if there were no life forms or thinking beings anywhere in all of reality across all dimensions?

To that, I would say no, it does not exist. You see? We and other life forms have to exist for anything at all to exist. Without an observer to at least imagine these things, how could they be? How could any of this truly be without something somewhere who would be capable of witnessing it.

Plus, the smaller or larger you go, things look the same. Solar systems look like atoms. I personally wonder, not believe, but wonder if when we imagine things, they are real glimpses of certain realities. It may sound crazy, but I wonder if the little thoughts in my head and images are real.

To me maybe they are just thoughts, but the thoughts give energy to the things I imagine, and at least for the duration of my thought, they are alive. Imagine a cartoon. What is that? What exactly are the flashes and images in your head. Is your mind creating them? If so? Where? I don’t actually see anything when I imagine.

And yet I can in my minds eye see the things I am thinking about. How could that be? What am I experiencing? Something that already exists out there? Or something of my creation.

I don’t know about you, but to me it feels like the thoughts come from somewhere, and even if they are not images from a basic reality on another dimension, it feels like something real is being created when I think those thoughts.

Who knows.

The point is, life is a crazy, trippy, awesome, terrible ride. Whatever direction you go, wherever you look, what it means is nothing more or less than the meaning You give to it. Whether you feel that meaning is outside of you or not, whether you call it god, it does not matter. That meaning is real. You have created it and therefore it is real.

Because after all,

All of this is simply the creation of your mind, interpreting a world around it. Some things are easier to change than others. So far I have never turned a rock into a diamond, but it is by the same process that you would change your beliefs, only much much simpler and easier.

For me, life isn’t pointless because despite all the evidence for worthlessness or pointlessness, I am here anyway. Nothing’s going to change that, and frankly, there’s some really cool stuff out there I can have fun experiencing.

Why waste the opportunity and the gift to be a Human, and to have so much potential entrusted to us by creation. You see, that’s what we are? Compared to other creatures, and especially compared to the thoughtless, lifeless form that is much of space, we are the image of gods, capable of doing and understanding more as a single being than full ecosystems could ever come close to.

It all just is. And that’s ok, because why not?

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Founder: www.keenanerikssonfitness.com ISSA Certified Trainer, Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Biohacker, Perspectivist, Conscious Carnivore

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