Well, since writing this I’ve adopted the diet to great results. I just googled “incel” and though I am only an N=1, I have never had issues before or since with being an involuntary celibate.

I could add a few more N=1s to this equation as well. I very much doubt Dr. Paul Saladino, Dr. Shawn Baker, or Robb Wolfe have issues with Inoluntary celibacy, given their monetary success, passion to help the human race, and highly athletic physiques.

Some of the leading Vegan Doctors though? I’m starting to feel like the movement is led by different variations of Skeletor. I’m not willing to write-off or generalize a whole movement like you are but to be frank, Dr. Michael Greger looks like he has trouble getting it up in the morning. I won’t call him an incel, but I bet it’s harder, not literally, for him than it is for The Carnivore MD Paul Saladino who is the same age but looks a decade younger.

If you want to come here and discuss, bring real, scientific, and unbiased arguments. Otherwise, fuck off troll.

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