True, that is indeed a perspective. However, generational toxicity is real. It is and has been observed that it takes 3 generations for the levels of lead a mother was exposed to to reach safe levels. It actually often takes up to 7. Being that heavy metals are so powerfully toxic, this is a major component in health problems. There are many others as well, but the main reason I’m so focused on this one is threefold.

  1. Many people have high levels of toxic heavy metals without exposure in their own lives, due to having it passed down from their parents.
  2. Western medicine does not test for chronic metal toxicity, only acute, meaning they check your blood and tell you if you’re toxic from that. The problem is that heavy metals only show up in blood serum if you were recently exposed. The heavy metals you get from your parents have already migrated into your tissue. To test for your true heavy metal amount, you must do a heavy metal challenge test, but this is not standard practice.
  3. Western medicine does not treat chronic heavy metal poisoning correctly. The standard procedure for treating heavy metals is to have you do a chelation or a chelation IV overnight. This does successfully treat acute poisoning, but not chronic, and in truth it takes months to years to chelate out all your heavy metals if you have chronic exposure.This means that even if you did insist on treatment through standard practice, as most people would, it is likely you still have toxic levels of heavy metals in your body.

Put all these factors together and you have a major component in modern disease that is overlooked, and untreated.

To me, addressing heavy metals is one of the most surefire ways to improve one’s health due to the high likelyhood that you have them. Even if you are already healthy, imagine how great you’ll feel when you don’t have neurotoxic chemicals in your brain tissue.

I do agree with you as well. I think everything you stated is also happening at the same time.

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Founder: ISSA Certified Trainer, Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Biohacker, Perspectivist, Conscious Carnivore

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