This is huge. HTMA is great but the one thing is that it shows what your results were when you grew the hair you ended up testing. Meaning you are looking at results from 2 weeks up to many months ago depending on how long your hair is.

Repeated analysis showing your levels were still despite supplementation really says something, and I think it’s really interesting that topical magneisum (oil) worked so well for you.

As far as your chronic disease, I feel like I’m reading an amplified and much prolonged version of my own story in yours.

Magnesium wasn’t the thing that cured me, but it was an essential piece without which I would never have healed fully.

I keep using it off and on to this day, and try not to go too long without it. Even already feeling healthy, magnesium benefits my sleep and exercise recovery when I use it now.

Super awesome to hear your story Philip. Many people think these conditions are uncurable, especially when they have them for as long as you. I’ve found that there seems to be no true limit to what people can heal from unless it’s due to a gene mutation (right now we can’t cure down’s syndrome, for example) but even then, with evolving technology you never know.

This is why I think it’s really important to both 1. accept the harsh reality of a condition, you may have it for years and never heal.

2. Never give up on healing, despite that fact.

Many people don’t accept the reality of their situation, and are unable to keep things together in the long haul as years and years go by and they still aren’t better.

Others will give up early, and tell themselves they know they’ll never be better, so they don’t continue learning and pursuing solutions.

It took me a bit to get this mindset, and it wasn’t easy, but I started making much faster progress when I started saying “I have a chronic disease. Some people have these conditions for decade. I may have this condition for decades. I may die before my life is ever like it was before this disease. However, I still see my life as privileged. I can, and will continue to pursue healing throughout my entire experience. Others have healed from these conditions withing a few years and up to 30 years later. There are also still many things I can pursue, like starting an online business, reading, etc. “

It’s a cliche, but basically all this is just to say “focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.”

I don’t know the exact details of your journey Philip, or whether you ever fit into either camp of “I’ll be healed in a year” or “I’ll never heal” but based on the fact that you DID heal, I assume you spent the last chunk at least with the mindset of “I may not heal, but I’ll die trying.”

Thank you so much for sharing man. I love it.

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