There is a war on men. If there is a war on women, then there is a war on men. I’m not saying it’s a big war or even a significant war.

But there are definitely people right now who are attacking men for being men.

Masculinity is being attacked without evidence based grounds and at an institutional level.

That’s a war on men.

And it’s wrong.

I agree that it’s not necessarily a significant war. I don’t think it will impede my life much, and I’m confident in my responsibility and capability to teach my children proper behavior despite educational trends that put down masculinity.

There is no scientific basis for toxic masculinity by the way. It is an ill defined, too loosely used term that is taken far too seriously.

The popularity of such a term as toxic masculinity is evidence of at least a small war on men.

No one group is so wronged that they can be unquestioned. And no other group has things so good that they cannot be wronged.

If you mistreat a white privileged male for any reason other than their personal character, that’s prejudice and racism.

Just like a black female cripple who murders someone in cold blood is still a criminal.

Stop being so tribal. Stop looking at people as the groups they represent. Society and culture starts at the level of the individual so stop attacking generalized groups of people.

Re-learn civility. When the Roman Empire fell, the first signs of collapse were the loss of civility between Kin and countrymen.

Furthermore, tolerance is a vastly misused term these days.

Tolerance is the willingness to tolerate something, particularly the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

It requires that you Disagree.

You are not tolerant if you promote LGBTQ if you agree with it.

You are tolerant if you are willing to have rational dialogue with the people who disagree with it.

Tolerance is Civility in the face of Disagreement.

I love you all, but I am tired of the tribalism. I see you as nothing more or less than individual beings, who I may come to respect or disrespect based on your individual beliefs and actions.

I empathize with you all and I will never put you down for believing differently than I do, unless you attack me directly and personally, or do similar to a friend.

Written by

Founder: ISSA Certified Trainer, Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Biohacker, Perspectivist, Conscious Carnivore

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