Reminds me of Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief lecture. Methods with little scientific research can definitely be powerful, and even consistently and reliably so (good research is expensive and many of these methods are competitive enemies of the economically monopolized medicine system, which is able to fund most of the best research for drugs.)

I think your key point here is “be responsible,” which is something difficult to describe but that I believe everyone has a sense for if they allow themselves to perceive.

It’s like the phrase: Use common sense. We all usually know if we’re using common sense when asked, even if we habitually do not use it.

I think it’s just important to analyze all the factors involved in a health choice, and ask yourself how ok with it you are.

Generally I’m fine with trying fringe and low-research methods if they are likely to be safe, even if they are expensive. I’ve used “information imprinted water” (no bullshit) that is supposed to align your body’s energetic field. Sounds like a tall order right? But upon examination, there were no negative reviews to this system by people who actually tried it (there were some who simply called it bullshit) and furthermore, the harm potential of water is virtually none.

No clinical research, but I found review after review of people finally getting past their most stubborn health problems with this stuff.

Even more impressively, it worked for me better than most other methods I had used up to that point in treating panic attacks and fatigue brought on by overloading my adrenal system with crossfit.

Might be placebo, though I personally doubt it. I tried a few other things with great research, fully convinced I’d get a huge positive benefit, only to have no reaction. Molecular hydrogen comes to mind. It’s used medically in Japan and is an amazing antioxidant, one of the only ones that selectively ignores free radicals that have positive hormetic effects while targeting those that are very harmful.

I was so convinced it would help me. I had virtually no reaction.

So yeah, all that is just to support your statement: Be responsible, and just because it doesn’t have a ton of research, it may work. It also may work simply because your mind thinks it will.

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Founder: ISSA Certified Trainer, Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Biohacker, Perspectivist, Conscious Carnivore

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