I think we’re at the point where we’ve both provided lots of points for readers to look into and form their own arguments. I believe this will be my last response for a while.

As far as traits that separate us from animals, between our brain and our ability to manipulate using our hands, the capacity of humans for self-awareness is higher than every animal to a magnitude that is truly profound.

Animals are different enough from humans that discrimination is absolutely necessary. Conservation laws are discrimination. So is hunting. So is supporting endangered species.

Discrimination means “recognition and understanding that one thing is different than another.” We consider it a dirty word but we discriminate everything in our lives, as we should. You cannot truly are everything in the world as equal. I think you can love everything, but it’s preposterous to apply the same rules to a cow as to a human.

Yes, we should avoid discrimination among our own species, but just like I don’t treat my TV the same as my radio, I ain’t treating a cow like a cowboy. Doesn’t mean I believe in treating cows poorly, but I certainly don’t believe the answer is to treat cows like humans. Since, you know, they aren’t.

I also personally have never found it compelling to state what the WHO or other organizations recommend. It’s not “so big they have to be right” it’s “so big they have to be wrong.”

Organizations have reputations, research, and money all motivating them to pick a statement and stick to it.

I look at data, but I don’t care at all what the WHO says. I want to know why they said it and then read the research.

I do not think that the research available supports the ability to declare veganism healthier than including meat.

I think any statement about diet is at best lightly backed hypothesis and at worst, completely incongruent with what really matters.

Thank you for debating with me Robert. Your have obviously thought about this quite a bit. Thank you and I will continue researching.

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Founder: www.keenanerikssonfitness.com ISSA Certified Trainer, Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Biohacker, Perspectivist, Conscious Carnivore

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