I generally don’t take calcium in supplement form, unless it’s just a very small amount. Up to you in that regard.

Yes you typically take multiple pills.

It may seem expensive to pay $40 for magnesium, but this is a two month supply at 500mg of magnesium per day. The be vitamins help improve absorption as well, so you can often get great results just sticking with the 500mg per day serving or go up to 750mg.

I kinda play with it. If I’m active or haven’t been using mag in a while, I take closer to 1000mg daily.

If I’m not doing as much exercise or I’ve been taking magnesium at higher amounts for a bit, I like to just settle with 500mg a day or even take some time off from supplements but increase my intake of dietary sources like organic vegetables.

Basically I’m saying this: to keep things simple, you can just take 500mg per day.

If you feel like more will help you, bump it up.

If you’ve been using it a while, feel free to take a week off if you’re feeling good.

If you want to make a detailed plan, then get an RBC magnesium blood test for $60 or via health insurance, then supplement for a month or 2, and then get another test.

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Founder: www.keenanerikssonfitness.com ISSA Certified Trainer, Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Biohacker, Perspectivist, Conscious Carnivore

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