I cited some real studies. Now, I’ll warrant that you may be right. EMFs may be a non issue. I’m not convinced and I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Personally, I don’t think most forms of EMFs are probably a big deal, but I think that cell phones and WiFi may very well be.

As the article shows, EMF covers many different forms of non-ionizing radiation. Perhaps the many thousands of studies we’ll disprove cell tower radiation or radios. Do we have as much evidence behind cell phones specifically? And using the frequencies of modern 4g networks?

I’ve cited the work of Martin Pall regarding the effects of EMF on voltage gated calcium channels.

To me it seems solid enough to warrant concern.

Further, my final statement is: if you’re healthy, don’t worry about EMFs too much if the added stress is worse than not caring.

Mainly I caution people to keep a wary eye out.

I want further and continued research, specifically on the most common and prevalent EMFs.

Most of the history of science is science being wrong. I don’t think any field is off limits from skepticism or more research, especially those which may affect biology.

As far as Ben Greenfield, he is a personal trainer, yes, but frankly he’s smarter than almost everyone I know personally including physicians. A mere title is little info these days, especially regarding someone who has self made such an extensive blog as Ben.

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