I am mostly carnivore due to what I believe are compelling arguments that it aligns with our evolution.

However, I love your article.

Personally, I have only killed one animal. I shot a deer on my friend’s hunting ranch. The herd needed to be culled or the animals stood to over-eat the land and trigger a famine.

We set up, waited, and spotted our deer, an old female whose young had already themselves birthed young. She would not create any more deer herself, her daughter was already a mother herself and no longer needed parenting.

If not my bullet or another hunter’s, her death would have been starvation, disease, or to be eaten.

I cannot speak for the feelings of a deer. But when I pulled the trigger, she dropped.

There was no scream.

There was no delay.

I do believe she was dead before she heard the shot go off.

I took this deer. Skinned her myself. Harvested the bounty, and was fed for a month.

Regarding my regular consumption of meat, I buy exclusively from regenerative agriculture farms that both raise the animals as close to their evolution as possible and whose work is restoring the soil environments of our planet.

Even so, I desperately want to see these animals when they die. I want to know how it looks. I want to know if it feels cruel.

Shooting that deer was clean, quick, and without her suffering. It likely spared her a death of pain, helped prevent a famine, and fed me for a good month.

My intent for the future is that my meat all be sourced in this way.

Anyway. Thank you for your article. I think it is incredibly powerful. I just wanted to share my experience to show a way an animal can die and feed you that is truly far less gruesome.

I am grateful to you for showing us how the majority die instead, and for facing it directly in order to make your own philosophy about meat.

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Founder: www.keenanerikssonfitness.com ISSA Certified Trainer, Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Biohacker, Perspectivist, Conscious Carnivore

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