I agree that it’s not for everybody. However I think it’s great for many people, and that it’s worth trying.

I also think much of the time it doesn’t work is because people make mistakes like consuming too many omega 6 fats, not prioritizing food quality, and not taking electrolytes like magnesium, rather than genetics.

Your original comment didn’t sound like you were saying it’s not for everyone. It sounded like you were saying it’s terrible for everyone.

My mistake for misinterpreting that. I think we actually agree, generally. I in no way think that any diet is perfect for everyone. However, since many people will not get their genetics tested or such things, I’m just here to provide info about things that have worked well for me and make it easier for people to lower their odds of having issues.

Thank you for your comments, it helps me analyze my own stances and ask myself if I think I’ve done a good job communicating my views.

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