How To Use Thiamine For Chronic Disease.

The most overlooked factor in CFS/ME, Heart Palpitations, Crohn’s & IBS, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Disease, and how to use it.

Keenan Eriksson
14 min readFeb 7


So, I don’t normally write articles like this. Firstly, they’re a dime a dozen. “Could Taurine Be Causing Your Heart Palpitations?” Or “Will Aschwagandha Heal Your Adrenals?” Look, they’ve got their place, but personally, I want to get to the roots of the issue.

When it comes down to it, there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of supplements, herbs, medications, and treatments that can aid in chronic disease. However, there’s a much smaller number that deal in root cause.

Magnesium is one such example. Low magnesium is fairly common in the modern day, and has been associated with conditions ranging from psychosis to Heart arrhythmias. For many, supplementation alone is enough to reverse miserable states of chronic illness. This would be an example of something I would call a root cause.

Other such topics are that of environmental toxins: Mold toxicity, or Lyme disease, heavy metals, such as those passed down generationally, and gut parasites. On top of all this we have the matter of trauma itself, and nervous system disregulation from stress. After struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome, heart palpitations, and anxiety for nearly 6 years myself, I felt I had a pretty strong understanding of all theroot causes of chronic disease. I’ve written about most of the topics above already, and continue to test and address as I am able.

Yet I hadn’t heard about Thiamin.

Also known as vitamin B1, Thiamin is an essential component of mitochondrial function and health, which is connected to every single condition I’ve named thusly. Yet in thousands of hours of podcast content, books, articles, researching for my own writing, and attempting to address my health problems, Thiamin never appeared on my radar.

So I must admit, when a friend told me about compelling research on the use of high-dose Thiamine for chronic fatigue syndrome, I made a mental note to look into it later, but didn’t think too much of it otherwise.

Until I did.



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