Hey Vikram. Great question here. One of the things I enjoy about these three techniques is that I can use them together.

Generally though, it’s best not to combine two “probiotics.” Such as two separate pill supplements.

Dr. Zach Bush who created Restore also suggests using Restore without other “probiotics.”

Personally, I use the L. Reuteri yogurt and Restore together and find no issue.

L. reuteri is a strain that lives naturally in the human gut, specifically in the upper intestinal tract, so I don’t see why it would have complications with the other supps.

And Restore is not a probiotic at all and contains no bacteria, but I think it might reduce the effectiveness of some standard probiotics.

Even if it does reduce the effectiveness of L. reuteri, I always have the yogurt available since I use a tablespoon from the previous batch to cultivate the next. It’s not that I want to reduce its effectiveness, it’s that I’d rather eat it anyway than let it go bad and have to buy more probiotic tablets To make a fresh batch.

The elemental diet should probably be done without any other gut healing supplements. However since it’s typically only a 2–4 day experience to be used as a reset, I haven’t had any issues just pausing my other supplements.

Basically my trend is: always use L. reuteri, or for several months until I get lazy and forget to make a new batch.

I cycle restore with other probiotic supplements, never using them at the same time. Restore can be pricey anyway so I tend to go through a large bottle and then try other supplements for a few months.

For the elemental diet, I cut all other gut healing supplements for a 2–4 day “reset.”

I also never combine two or more pill based probiotics.

As far as how the supplements interact with your personal diet, these should all be fine as long as the ingredients for the yogurt fit your diet standards.

I do modified cyclical keto so the yogurt is a great way to increase fat intake for me.

For pill based probiotic supplements, many suggest that you take them on an empty stomach and within an hour of a meal that contains fiber, so that would be the only diet-relevant piece I can think of.

For probiotic foods, such as kimchi, I don’t even think about it. While they are powerful for gut health, they are still foods, and I eat them alongside other methods unless I’m fasting.

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