Haha yeah it’s a bit out there.

I think most people are fine to eat many vegetables but I don’t think using powders, smoothies, or supplements of polyphenols are a great idea. I also don’t think it’s a great idea to consume high amounts of the more “toxic” plant foods for extended periods.

Fermentation, cooking and sprouting are our friend when eating roots, stems, leaves, and seeds. So is food rotation and variety.

If you have other issues, food sensitivities, autoimmunity, etc. Then it may be good to switch to only the least toxic plant foods.

I never really intended to eat an only meat diet but I’ve tried it for my journey and found success. That is a topic all to it’s own and until I can write a thorough guide, I suggest anyone interested listen to Dr. Paul Saladino. His interviews on the Ben Greenfield fitness podcast are awesome.

I think there is likely a gut biome link as to why someone might do best on a no plants diet. I have gut dysbiosis that has not improved in all my years of health stuff, and I’m interested to see how my biome changes on this diet.

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