First of all Wouter, thank you for the praise. I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

Magnesium Malate would likely be the best choice based on your desires for it.

I’d start with 600mg spread throughout the day (morning, a couple times during the day, and night) and work up to 1000mg. You can play around with it.

Much of the time people don’t notice a change until they start using a specific kind of magnesium.

One other thing, if you notice negative effects, it’s usually because you need more magnesium, not less.

It’s very rare for someone to have too much magnesium, especially if they are not using a mag supplement.

When people feel worse from taking magnesium, the theory is that they are either having a detox reaction, or that you feel a draining effect from cells all over your entire body using energy to process the magnesium.

The solution is to start at a much lower daily intake and increase slowly, or, if you’re brave, jump your magnesium intake up.

I tend to recommend the “low and slow” approach though.

Then there’s always the magnesium RBC blood test if you want to know exactly what you’re doing.

A great way to learn about magnesium is to get the book The MagnesiumMiracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean. I listened to the audiobook on audible, personally.

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