Cytodetox is a binder. I don’t know if there is peer reviewed data but the creators tested it and many participants have as well. Before use, heavy metal challenge tests showed higher levels than after use.

I mean it’s just a binder. Clinical binders like DMSA do the same thing but require doctor prescription and are seldom used to do proper long term detox in that setting. If you can find someone who does long term detox with DMSA, that one is clinical and more “official.” I trust cyto however and the anecdotal case studies of TCD participants are good enough for me. Tons of these stories involve testing heavy metals before and after and show decreases and removal.

Cyto was created to turn zeolite into a binder capable of removing heavy metals from tissues. Chlorella and other “natural” binders people use are not strong enough to get heavy metals all the way out, and can make you worse by simply moving the toxins around inside you.

As far as ALA, alpha lipoid acid has many benefits but it’s most notably an antioxidant.

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