But it’s still protected by free speech and I believe he should be allowed to say it. If he says something slanderous, then those slandered can take it up with him in court. I do not support restricting content from YouTube because you disagree with it, even if it is outright lies.

It’s one thing if a known terrorist puts a video out calling for suicide bombers to start killing people in the u.s.

It’s another for Alex Jones to say things that are obviously ridiculous.

The answer is not to quiet your opponents. The answer is to find truth. If your views are true and aligned well with what is good for you and others, then you will stand the test of being challenged by the ridiculous and deceitful.

Silencing others is the tool of the deceitful and fearful, not the genuine and honest.

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Founder: www.keenanerikssonfitness.com ISSA Certified Trainer, Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Biohacker, Perspectivist, Conscious Carnivore

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