Awesome article. The interesting thing about Gut Health treatment is that all of this is so new that many of the methods used have not been well researched clinically.

For example, some of the most effective diets for healing gut problems (especially Small intestinal problems like SIBO) actually involve low fiber diets that starve our gut bacteria.

The theory is that many gut problems occur due to us having too much good bacteria or in the wrong places.

Furthermore, fasting, which these diets mimic, was a natural part of our lives that rarely occurs anymore.

I think you should check out the work of Dr. Michael Ruscio. A good place to start is this podcast:

Or get his book: healthy gut, healthy you.

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Founder: ISSA Certified Trainer, Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Biohacker, Perspectivist, Conscious Carnivore

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