Animal-Based Weight-Loss For MMA

How To Lose Weight for MMA Using an Animal Based Diet.

Keenan Eriksson
10 min readOct 15, 2022

This article is the plan I made for a friend of mine so he could regain his health and make weight for his debut amateur MMA match.

My friend, Danny, is 23 years old. He was a jiu jitsu blue belt and a top CrossFit athlete roughly 3 years ago, could clean and jerk over 300lbs for 5 reps while simultaneously able to run a 5:45 minute mile, all while, as he describes, “not feeling that tired.” Oh yeah. He weighed about 200lbs.

That was when he was 20.

When I met him less than 3 years later, he weighed nearly 260lbs. Despite being one of the most knowledgeable and technical fighters I knew, and training over 5 times a week, his weight wouldn’t budge.

I owed Danny for getting me back into MMA, and we’ve both trained for a career in the sport together. In return for his incredible coaching, endless support, and frankly much deeper passion for the sport than my own, I created a program for him to not only shed 50lbs in 3 months, but simultaneously maximize his health and energy.

I am in the works turning this program into a longer and more detailed course, ebook, and series of articles. However, with Danny’s permission, here is the unaltered plan I designed to get him down to…



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