Alright James, I apologize for the late response.

To clarify, I gained 30lbs of weight, while maintaining visible muscle definition and leanness without losing that definition.

I was not trying to mislead with the title. I am aware that this weight gain consists of muscle, water-weight, and fat, as well as bone density.

The point was simply that the techniques and program I used resulted in 30lbs of intentional weight gain, with minimal visible loss of definition.

I’ve never been much of an analyst, so for me, gaining weight while training and still looking lean always meant gaining muscle.

However, I see from your comment as well as the many who agree with you, that it matters to people. I have changed the title of the article to “how I gained over 25lbs while maintaining a lean figure despite only training 3 days a week.” I have also made sure it is clear in the article that I am referring to total weight gain, not total muscle gained.

As far as your comment on being able to be 200lbs and lean is near impossible, I do have to say I disagree with you there. Your definition of lean is likely more extreme and also specific than mine.

With that said, being 200lbs and lean doesn’t seem impossible to me even by the strictest of standards. I mean, I don’t know my exact body fat %. I’ve never really cared about it, but I’m 6ft 4in. I don’t think I’d weigh much less than 200lbs if I cut down to less than 5% body fat after bulking.

My father definitely would not be less than 200lbs at less than 5% body fat. He is 6ft 6in, and holds the discus throw record at the University of Michigan. He weighed close to 300lbs while competing but he was also pretty toned. I don’t know what his body fat percentage was, but if he did a cutting program and got under 5%, I imagine he’d still weigh over 250lbs at least.

If you meant that it’s impossible to have 200lbs of lean muscle, then yeah, I agree that is pretty damn impossible unless you’re hafthor bjornsson. But that’s not something I claimed to have. I only said that I weighed a total of 200lbs and that I was visibly.

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