Alex Jones is hardly a super villain. Even if he was a bully in high school, we can’t condemn adults for the way they behaved as teens and kids. Though they are responsible for it, like it or not, it shouldn’t condemn them for life.

Though Alex being a bully in high school, supposedly, is not what most people dislike about him, if you actually listen to him I don’t think most people would see him as villainous. Dramatic, possibly dumb, but villainous? Nah, I don’t think he’s even malevolent.

Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump are far more arguably Villainous than Alex Jones. Alex just believes some crazy things but whether you like it or not, I think the guy as actually very altruistically motivated.

Kinda like Alexandria Ocazio-Cortez. I think she’s an idiot and that if she had her way it could be very bad for the country, but I don’t think she’s evil. Jones is like that. Might be an idiot. Probably not evil.

Frankly I think your story would be a lot more compelling if it didn’t mention Jones. Bashing Alex is cliche at this point, and it’s a red flag for moderate readers who have actually looked into what he is, whereas we’d normally happily support your points.

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