How To Run If You’re Bad At It—and Why You Should Want To.

I’m what you would call a “non-runner.” Despite a decorated sports background, I’ve always sucked at running. When I joined the cross country team during my senior year of high school, I didn’t complete a single workout without stopping to walk. Later I learned that my genetics are terrible for…

Exhaustion gave me my career by forcing me into the habits that I used to start a business

It’s hard enough keeping your life on track when you’re energized, but when you’re exhausted? It seems impossible. Despite feeling like that all the time, however, I managed to start a business and heal from chronic fatigue.

I did it by learning how to be absolutely efficient and completely accepting…

This is my process to get daily actionable results that lead to the long-term goals I’ve envisioned — step-by-step.

I love self-improvement. Ever since I homeschooled instead of attending the 8th grade, I’ve been obsessed with guiding my own future. From studying Buddhist philosophy to facing odd discomforts (like laying down on the floor in a crowded coffee shop), I love anything that challenges me to grow. …

Keenan Eriksson Chronic disease specialist. ISSA Certified Trainer. Ziglar Certified Speaker. Student of the way. Weird human like all the rest.

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